Jane’s birth-chart analysis: a case study
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Author: Metamorpheus, posted on 10/2/2011 , in Category "Astrology"
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Abstract: Exploring Jane’s birth chart analysis, demonstrating an approach for analysis.

The drawing of an astrological chart is a two-dimensional image of a multidimensional world, an amazing maze offering chances and opportunities. In order to understand them, one has to see ‘the big picture’ instead of the little details. By this starter, I’ll try to demonstrate this idea. One can then add the complementary personality threads unmentioned here.
In this blog I present a case study analysis of an interesting birth chart of Jane (pseudonym), born on 26 September 1984, in Milwaukee WI (US).

Jane's birth chart (click to enlarge)
Jane birth chart

This chart is very intensive. The very strong Scorpio that takes everything to the extreme, with Pluto inside extending it farther, having a very close conjunction with the two feminine planets. This extremism is further extended with the mighty Neptune, having an aspect to every one of the personal planets, adding its flows of ideals, ruling the Asc. from the high MC.
Following the extreme combination of the strong Scorpio and Neptune, we see the isolated Uranus in the ninth house, adding from its own extremism, with a strong belief in personal freedom. By aspecting Chiron, it also adds the need to show Jane’s distinction and uniqueness in her environment.
In contradiction to the unrestrained personality combination, we then observe the very restrained and insecure social behavior, with a need to please and be accepted. Even when she is in her best behavior, she may feel as if there is an invisible wall separating her from society. This quality is increased with True node in Taurus in the second house, with its own past life subconscious guilt. This contradicts Jane’s magnetism and the fact that people actually do want to be near her.
Any personally chart has its own benefits and weaknesses, as well as various alternatives. The following are two personality poles. Jane current position on the range between these two poles depends on the level of her personality development.
  1. In her best, a free happy-go-lucky, extremely creative person and a natural curiosity to explore life. There are some flavors of leadership and popularity, in the sense that she attracts the environment; even though she may sometimes have an unfulfilled need to belong to a group, people often want to be near her, radiated with a comfortable sensation of strength and magnetization. The less she feels threatened by society, the need to prove worthiness or for attention, the less this unfulfilled need will be apparent. Jane will have a really hard time to execute task she really hates or is uninterested in. However, tasks she loves doing will be performed with passion.

  2. There is however another place, which is Jane’s negative reflection, where negativity will rule. In this place she may delve into self pity, criticism against society and everyone that fails to live up to her expectations, holding an open black book of debts and disappointments. The Scorpio sting and manipulations extended by Neptune will surely come out in some way. Righteous ideals and ideas of justice will remain repressed in her inner world.
    This negativity may consume a lot of energy, and she may often feel physically tired. When she is in this place, she may be influenced by the negative side of her strong Neptune, alluring her to drugs, booze, or any other addiction, which will pull her down to the abyss.
The tension inside needs to find a way out; this may be done through measured sports or even through creation. Any addictive behavior needs to be stopped immediately, this energy can be easily redirected to positive fruitful places.
Jane, I’m sure you’ll succeed in the path you take, having an impact on your environment as you go, taking charge on your life and destiny. As you evolve, placing yourself in better position in life, you will remember your early days fondly. Emphasize the inner joy that you do basically have, and you’re on the way.

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