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Astrology Space Fighter game Astrology Space Fighter Game:  Here’s your chance to fight back those astrology planets that mess up with your life with their horrible transits. In this game, you shoot at spaceships in the form of Uranus - , and celestial bodies with the symbol of Pluto - and Neptune - .
Earth PuzzleOnline Jigsaw Puzzle Games Earth Puzzle (small)
Zodiac Puzzle
Phantom of the Opera Puzzle
Tux in Love Puzzle
Fish in Love Puzzle
Fortune Telling Roulette Fortune Telling Roulette: Discover what lies ahead and have a glimpse into your future. The Fortune Telling Roulette uses the symbols and meaning of astrology. Ask any question and with a simple spin receive an answer. What to do, how to do, and what’s the best way to follow.
Free Tarot Free Tarot:
Ask a question and receive an answer from the tarot. Enjoy shuffling, laying up, and play with the tarot cards, and when you’re ready stack the deck for the card answer.
Tarot Meaning Tarot Meaning:
Find the meaning behind each of the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards. Simply click on one of the 22 cards displayed to discover its meaning.
Magic Eight Ball Magic Eight Ball:
Got a question? Ask the world famous Magic 8 Ball.
Meditation and Healing
Meditation and Hypnosis Tools Meditation and Hypnosis Tools: The hardest stage in meditation is the stage where you calm your thoughts. Each of these free utilities will help you in this first step. Click on one of them and concentrate on the repeated movement. Solfeggio Frequencies Solfeggio Frequencies:
Solfeggio sound frequencies with a powerful effect for healing and meditation