Saturn Transit Uranus
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Author: Metamorpheus, posted on 5/7/2012 , in Category "Astrology"
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Abstract: About Saturn, What does the transit of Saturn over the natal Uranus means, how is this transit manifested, and what’s the purpose of Saturn transit over Uranus in our life and personal development?

Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn in the modern astrology, and the ruling planet of Aquarius in traditional and Vedic astrology, represents boundaries, order, limitations, authority, hierarchy, structure, challenge, reality, disillusionment, and sometimes death. Feelings that are associated with Saturn are sadness, solitude and coldness. Saturn also governs ambition, the need for recognition and career, thus, a touch of Saturn in one’s astrology birth chart isn’t that bad. Some astrologers see Saturn as a representative of Karma.

When Saturn in the astrology birth / natal chart is in aspect with another planet, it causes that planet to be restrained somehow. The type of aspect (negative / positive) will of course affect types of experiences and events the person will encounter in life. For example, when Saturn is in aspect with Mars in one’s birth chart, it focuses Mars’ energy and adds flavors of ambition to the character, however, if the aspect is negative, the person may encounter some difficulties and challenges during his life. It is easy to observe the influence when Saturn is in aspect with one of the five fast moving planets, also known as “personal planets” – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. However, when it comes to some of the slow moving planets, if the aspect with Saturn is negative it can result in a personality conflict, but a reciprocal support will occur when the aspect is positive. In the latter case, the impact will be clearer in the houses these two planets meet.

The transits of Saturn are usually not very “easy going”. They usually bring some challenges that we have to deal with, both in our birth chart houses and aspects to other planets. For example, when Saturn transit enters the second house, one may experience some financial difficulties. Of course, we need also to consider the rest of the transits and the basic natal/ birth chart to see the strength and impact of any transit. We can’t take one aspect out of the general context.

One of the particular interesting transits of Saturn is to Uranus. Saturn and Uranus aren’t soul mates, to say the least. Uranus is extremely individualistic, free and original, while Saturn is conformists, restricted, and conventional. When Saturn negatively transits Uranus, it can be very uneasy. The effect of the transit is much bigger, if the person has a strong and uncontrolled Uranus in his natal chart, which will increase his Uranus’ qualities in the general personality compound. One of the most dominant of these Saturn transit Uranus is the conjunction. With a transit of Saturn conjunct Uranus, the person feels that his freedom is restricted in some way, and has an extremely strong urge to break out and end this unwanted obligation. If we look at the overall birth chart and the rest of the transits, we’ll be able to easily understand how this restriction and the need to break loose are manifested.

One of the most important and interesting characteristics of Saturn, is that Saturn is interlinked with personal development and the place where the person has to build his self confidence, overcome fear, and concur challenge and difficulties. With Saturn transits, it is sometimes very easy to see after the event what the purpose of it in our development was. The transit of Saturn conjunct Uranus is very strong; it elevates the basic needs of Uranus for freedom, individualism and change, and brings them to the surface. Suddenly, some situations we normally overlook or accept with silence can’t be ignored anymore.

At the time of writing, Saturn transit over the natal Uranus is felt by some of those born during 1973-1974, and is particularly interesting, as at the same time they will have Uranus transit in opposite their natal Pluto in Balance – the same sign as their natal Uranus. Since Uranus in essence has no fear at all, an action will surely be executed. Uranus will drive the person to try and detach or separate from the relevant disturbing factor in his life, which in a way imposes some restriction on the person’s personal growth.

For all of you that have this transit, remember that its purpose is to connect you to who you really are. Friends, it is all for the best!
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BlogComment posted by Danny on Monday, May 21, 2012 8:00 AM
So true! I’m experiencing Saturn transit over my Uranus and Uranus transit opposite my birth chart’s Pluto. I began a process of separation from my partner in life, a step that took me a very long time to decide. I felt suffocated for so long, and when this transit came I said enough.
BlogComment posted by Ron on Monday, November 26, 2012 6:00 AM
Great article! Clear and inspiring.
BlogComment posted by Jonathan on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 7:34 AM
Affirmation for those with Saturn conjunct Uranus to use is: "I am experiencing very extreme easiness very extremely easily"

Easiness means freedom (Uranus) from difficulty (Saturn)
BlogComment posted by Johnny Johnno on Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:02 PM
I'm experiencing this and I don't like it, Saturn in Scorp conj natal Uranus is definitely a horrible time in my life. I'm getting a bad rap for being "irresponsible", I'm being judged on my originality and I can't stand this affront. I'm using my creativity to change this but it's incredibly hard. In the past year, ZERO success on my goals...

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