The zodiac signs
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Abstract: The 12 zodiac signs’ description. Enjoy and leave your comment.

The 12 basis zodiac signs serve to illuminate the positive and negative qualities that each individual holds. These 12 signs reciprocally influence the 10 basic planets. It is important to keep in mind that a person is not only a sum their zodiac sign, as there are various other planetary components that influence an individual’s personality chart, but rather a culmination of several astrological features which result in a unique character for each individual. For example, someone might have been born under the Aquarius sign but many of their stars belong in another sign’s domain. In this case, the Aquarius personality traits might only be partially relevant. If you like, you are welcome to leave comments. Particularly interesting comments might later be added to the article’s content. Thank you and enjoy!


Ruling planet: Mars
Element: fire
Symbol: aries
An Aries is usually described as being a romantic at heart. Often associated with
creating their own drama, an Aries might see themselves as the dashing knight who
must save the maiden princess. As the Aries is full of potential energy, they
habitually delve into projects full steam ahead. Just as energy is created it can
be dissolved just as easily in time for another endeavor because the Aries is
seldom totally satisfied. An Aries is born full of excitement and seeks his whole
life to fulfill his wild desires.


Ruling planet: Venus
Element: earth
Symbol: taurus
Loyal and Habitual
The Tarus is associated with stubbornness and requires sensibility to persuade
this sign to act. A Tarus enjoys hard work and will seldom complain when something
pertinent needs to be done. Though a Tarus is not spoiled, they are creatures of
habit and do not deal well with being placed outside their comfort zones.
A Tarus is likely to return to his old haunts rather than trying something new.


Ruling planet: Mercury
Element: air
Symbol: gemini
The Gemini is a sign full of action. A Gemini thrives on intellectual stimulation
and curiosity and this is often the drive that keeps a Gemini going. As a Gemini
is always on the move they often have a fantastically wild tale to provide for
your entertainment. If you sit with a Gemini, be sure to engross them in lively
conversation as the Gemini quickly grows bored and feels the need for a chance of
scenery. Due to their constant search for something new and exciting, a Gemini
might find commitment to be boring and cumbersome.


Ruling planet: Moon
Element: water
Symbol: cancer
The Cancer sign is easily the most emotional sign among its peers. Due to a
heightened sensitivity, a Cancer is liable to take things the wrong way.
A Cancer’s hypersensitivity allows them to be very loving and caring but
can also lead to manipulation and attachment issues. A Cancer’s intuition
leads them to be homebodies and they receive more pleasure from a family
dinner gathering than anything else.


Ruling planet: Sun
Element: fire
Symbol: leo
The Leo sign very much compliments the lion in the animal kingdom. Born for
fame and success, a Leo often spends most of their energy trying to live up
to expectations. Though Leos can be generous and good hearted, they are also
often preoccupied with proving themselves to others. Due to this personal
preoccupation, a Leo always thinks they know best and, though it is out of
genuine concern for your well being, they will go to great lengths to prove
you wrong. Another defined characteristic of the Leo is a knack for the
creative arts. A Leo is often full of ideas big and small and often finds
a way to integrate their need for success with their creative ideas.


Ruling planet: Mercury
Element: earth
Symbol: virgo
The Virgin sign is associated with logic and detail. A born critical thinker,
a Virgin enjoys a good hearted debate based on facts and figures. A Virgin
might often by very tidy, but for those who are not, there is most certainly
an internal organization to their mess. As the Virgin has a penchant for details,
emotions play a little role in their daily life. A Virgin is likely to be more
concerned with organization and responsibilities than esoteric affairs.


Ruling planet: Venus
Element: air
Symbol: Libra
The Libra sign takes their personality traits from their namesake. A Libra
benefits from a sense of justice, fairness, and mutuality in all aspects. For
a balance an awareness of their environment allows for them to enjoy sentimental
topics such a beauty, love, and emotions, though perhaps not thoroughly, as for
a Libra, the idealized versions of such notions are often more intriguing than
the notion themselves. Due to a concern for righteousness, a Libra might find
it hard to take a stand on issues little or big, though once they have made their
decision, they unwaveringly stick to it.


Ruling planet: Pluto
Element: water
Symbol: Scorpio
The Scorpio sign is often associated with control. Not one for displaying
their inner feelings, a Scorpion might act on emotion but others will not
be privy to this additional layer. As an extremist, a Scorpio is likely to
go to any means necessary in order to fulfill their goals. This might mean
being your best friend or being your very worst enemy. A Scorpio’s outlook
on life is black and white and therefore they can see the attributes in
strong will and hard work but will despise laziness and weakness. Always
in control, a Scorpio will handle himself as such when it comes to sexual affairs.


Ruling planet: Jupiter
Element: fire
Symbol: Sagittarius
This fire sign was born to live. Unconcerned with the small details in life,
a Sagittarius enjoys the experience in the big picture. Indifferent to social
norms, a Sagittarius might seem tactless though, in return, they are not easily
offended. A Sagittarius has a big heart and is deeply concerned with justice,
religion and worldly topics and times they might come off as snobbish. Like the
Gemini, the Sagittarius is a curious sign and will be up to experience all that
life has to offer.


Ruling planet: Saturn
Element: earth
Symbol: Capricorn
The Capricorn sign is associated with a command for organization. Concerned
with tidiness both mentally and physically, a Capricorn will require a clear
goal and a tidy framework from with which to work. Chaos is a Capricorn’s
biggest enemy. Logical and highly ambitious at heart, a Capricorn has little
time for emotions when there is work to be done. Known to be controlling at
times, a Capricorn will feel uncomfortable with new beginnings and will not
gain confidence until they have successfully completed the obstacle at hand.
Though a Capricorn can be materialist and a perfectionist at times, they do
stand for what they believe and will defend those they love to the full extent.


Ruling planet: Uranus
Element: air
Symbol: Aquarius
The Aquarian is easily identifiable as they often seem to be living in the clouds.
An intense need for freedom directs the Aquarian, others might interpret this as
being aloof. Very social and romantic, an Aquarian is full of interests and will
enjoy almost anything as long as it does not become routine. Topical social and
humanistic causes are important to them and they might talk through the night on
the state of affairs, though they often think bigger than they act.


Ruling planet: Neptune
Element: water
Symbol: Pisces
Intuitive, Sensible, and creative
The Pisces sign is known to be an emotionally excitable sign. Having a very
sharp sense of intuition, a Pisces can size you up in a moment. If they chose,
they can use this faculty for the good of others, but just as easily, they can
use their power to manipulate you and the situation and might even enjoy watching
someone suffer in the web. A Pisces is blessed with the ability to express
themselves creatively and as a result are incredibly talented and imaginative.
You can be assured that the Pisces will be emotionally available and completely
dedicated to family and friends. A Pisces also thrives in chaos and can be very
flexible when need be.

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