Neptune's song
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Author: Metamorpheus, posted on 6/27/2011 , in Category "Astrology"
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Abstract: The song of Neptune

I have heard the voice of Neptune
I have heard him sing to me
Water flows over my body,
Whispers of eternity.

Instead of what you always promise,
Give me the ability,
And without much hesitation
This is what he said to me:

"I am only here to serve you,
Don’t believe in what you see,
You just have to treat me wisely,
If you want the aid of me.

I am master of the fluid,
I am master of the sea,
I'll give rise to love and passion,
I can scare stability.

I create dreams and illusions,
Endower creativity,
I can take imagination on my wings
And set it free.

But if you ever try to fight me,
Or to change what I must be,
I will drown your every effort,
I will tear your destiny.

So my final words to you
Surprisingly maybe:
I will fulfill your strong desire,
You just keep on calling me."

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BlogComment posted by Kazina on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 1:19 PM
this is lovely and I like the depth and simplicity. I think at this time to me the message means that faith and flowing creativity are integral and if we deny ourselves or whatever life forces trying to relay messages through or with us then life will cease to be fruitful

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