From Sadness to Love
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Author: Dan, posted on 5/9/2013 , in Category "General"
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Abstract: How to transform negative emotional states such as sadness to positive states of happiness and love. Leverage your emotional energy and improve the quality of your life.

Your emotional state

When you feel at times moments of sadness, with no particular reason, instead of looking for reasons and figuring out why you are not happy, use this emotion to elevate you. It is an emotional energy which can be utilized the way you want it. It’s like holding a ball in a bowling alley, look for the right lane and throw the ball there.

An emotional energy needs to manifest itself or be dispersed. Sadness, anger, or other negative emotions are always easier to understand and go to. It’s always easy to figure out the things that you need and don’t have, the challenges that hold you back and the goals you haven’t reached yet. The human being is an intelligent entity that needs to understand himself and his surroundings. Therefore, when this emotional ball of energy appears, the automatic reasoning turns to the easiest one you can find.

The solution is easy yet requires inner observation and attention. Whenever you feel this emotional energy, stop one second to observe it without identifying with any kind of reason or logical approach. Just look at it. This emotional energy still needs to find a way out, however if you manage to be in the state of observation, you can control it and channel it to the direction you want. The next step is to connect to a positive energy. Since love and joy are a combination that can easily go together, this is a wonderful channel you can take. You can think of the nice things you have in life in order to help you connect to happiness, however the higher state of experiencing love doesn’t need any exterior stimulation or events. Simply close your eyes and FEEL love, don’t direct it to someone or something, just FEEL it. Channel the ball of energy in your stomach to that direction. when you manage to do it you know not only that you are in control, but you have found a way to completely improve your life, and taking one step further – observe other emotional states and instead of letting them influence you with negative reasoning, you can use them to your benefit, enrich your life and.. be happy.

If you find the starting point of observing your emotional state difficult, that’s ok, just as any other skill – it requires practice. For that purpose I’ve developed the 4-state training flow:

sadness to love diagramme

    Leverage the emotional energy exercise

  1. FEEL. You begin by experiencing some kind of emotion, it doesn’t matter which one, positive or negative. It can be sadness, joy, happiness, love, or any other. The key is to capture the beginning of this emotional experience.
  2. OBSERVE. Once you notice the emotional feeling that you experience, move to Observe. Look at this emotion, observe the emotional energy and even its strength. You can imagine it as a ball of energy, as described above.
  3. DETACH. As you observe this emotional energy, the next step is to detach yourself form the interpretation, the reasoning, and the emotion itself. This is the hardest step. Do not identify with it, just observe it with a very thin wall of detachment. It absolutely doesn’t mean that you should eliminate it and not feel, but simply witness it for a momentary inner emotional detachment before you move to the final improved Feeling state, even enjoying the power of this emotional energy. By witnessing its strength and power, it’s easy to see how your life is constantly affected by this emotions and how you can completely improve the quality of your life by controlling this flow.
  4. CHANNEL. Once you succeed in practicing this momentary inner emotional detachment, it’s time to a positive action of directing the energy to its proper place. After observing different emotional states or energies, you already know how Love, Joy, and happiness look like, so take this ball of emotional energy and Channel it to the path of your choice. At this point you can finally come back to Feel, 
  5. FEEL. This final step is your price. The emotional energy reinforces a positive emotional state. You are the one that made it happen. You are in complete control. You know that you can easily improve your life. You know now that even when the sun is not shining above, you can make it shine inside, and be happy.
The yin and yang swim together in the universe. Every negative essence is completed by a positive essence. A logical oriented person may have an easier time when it comes to the negative depth of emotions, but he or she will have a hard time to understand illogical situations which life occasionally presents. An emotional oriented person has a gift that can be misused if he or she constantly falls in the depth of negative emotions. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate and provide another simple tool to help receive some more of these beautiful moments of love and happiness. Real happiness is real freedom, It is not dependent on any environmental stimulus, it is always inside you.

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