Changing Perception to Change Reality
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Author: dan, posted on 9/6/2012 , in Category "General"
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Abstract: Perception is the key for transformation. You are the only one that can define what is real for you and control the quality of your life with your perception. This article also presents a technique to change your perception and improve your reality.

You do what you can to improve your life, make it better, invest time and resources for a more comfortable and happy life. all these efforts may very well work, but it will work linearly, like a straight line: the more you ‘do’ the more you may achieve. There is however another way that can boost your achievements towards the ultimate goal to be happy..! it complements all your ‘earthly’ efforts with mental ones, and can help you alter completely your life and change the reality you live in. This article explains the fundamental principles and details an effective, practical and simple technique that you can use to upgrade your life to a new level.

What is Belief?
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines belief as “conviction of the truth of some statement”, or “the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence”.
As you grow up you formulate your world's viewpoint, based on your personal experience. This viewpoint incorporates your understanding about your environment and about yourself and is shaped into a belief on which you live upon, which determines your perception of reality. For example, if you believe a person should be courteous, this is how you’ll behave. If you believe that in order to achieve a goal – all means are welcomed, than this is how you’ll behave. In fact, all the decision points you encounter in your life will eventually be dealt according to your belief. It is like your personal bible of good and wrong, of how to do and how to accomplish, the rules you live by and follow, and the rules by which you judge others.
Let’s assume for example, that you believe the world is a bad place and that everyone hates you. Because of this belief, you will radiate a kind of “keep a distance from me” and a certain hostility, which will of course feed your belief in a never-ending cycle. Your hostility will attract hostility from others. i.e.: if you see the world to be a bad place, you are actually more opened to see all its badness. Similarly, if you believe that you attract abundance, you will see signs of abundance in your reality, which will feed your belief and make it stronger, in a cycle which will open you up towards attracting abundance. belief

Belief and Perception
What is Perception? Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of perception is “a capacity for comprehension”, or “the way you think about or understand someone or something”. If we see the world as a container of all existing possibilities and information, your belief acts as a filter that opens only a part from this container, and your perception as the vessel that receives what you have filtered. Therefore, the answer to the question what is real? Is subjective; what is real for one person, which defines the reality he/she lives in, may be completely different for another. Following the example from the previous paragraph: “the world is a bad place”: then from all the good and bad, you will filter what you believe is bad and react in a manner that will strengthen this filter. The belief is your window to what the world has to offer.
Perception is a product of your belief, and is nourishing it. The perception is the way you grasp reality, which is based on your belief and the assumptions you make. These assumptions are based on your experience, and include the generalizations and stereotypes of constructs you learned. It is your subjective reality that may differ from the objective reality. For example: if you meet 20 people from a certain country or religion, and they all act in a certain way, than you will form a belief that people from the country/religion all act this way, although you may have met a small group of extremists that are the only ones that act this way, while others are completely different. The next time you will encounter a person from this country/religion you will expect and be prepared for this type of behavior, i.e.: you will be opened to see a certain kind of behavior, you will look for it and be prepared accordingly. This is how you will in fact attract the same kind of behavior, which will nourish your belief. Perception
An excellent example is visual perception images: the type of images that when you look at it from a different angle or distance it looks different, or images such as the one on the left, which creates an optical illusion that the center is at a distance than the horizontal lines. Our mind interprets the image and gives it depth, which is our subjective perception of a two-dimensional drawing.
Another example can also be the jellyfish: while some may be disgusted from this ocean creature, it serves as a food dish for East Asian countries. i.e.: the perception of good and desirable can sometimes even be cultural specific.

Perception – the key for transformation
There is a reciprocal influence between your belief and perception of reality. Your perception is based on your belief, but your belief is nourished by your experience and assumptions, which are often influenced by your perception.Reciprocal
This means that in order to develop and improve your life, you need to break out of this cycle. It’s easy to say “think positive and stop believing that everything is bad”, but how to do it?
Since your belief based on experience, and some of your belief’s assumptions are strongly rooted, a good way is to start from bottom – the perception. If you slowly mange to change your perception, you’ll eventually be able to change your belief and with it – your life.
To begin with, you can start with the Perception 5-Stages Technique shortly introduced as follows.
  1. Definition stage. Take a piece of paper and write down something that bugs you, as a title. If it’s the first time you practice this technique, take something small, not a life changer.
  2. Structure stage. Below the title, divide the page into two columns
  3. Recognition stage. In the left columns, list all the bad things that irritate you regarding the title you chose.
  4. Elevation stage. Now comes the most important part, try to be as open and creative as you can. In the right column, write with larger letters, any positive association that you have regarding the title.
  5. Solution stage. Each time the problem appears, concentrate on the list you wrote in the elevation stage. Every positive characteristic you can relate to this problem. But it is not enough to think about it, you have to really concentrate and believe, FEEL it inside. the more you manage to identify with the positive associations, the less irritating the problem will be.
The more you practice the Perception 5-Stages Technique, the better you’ll become in mastering it. i.e.: you do not change the problem but only your perception of it, which can lower the negative effect of the problem to the point it even eliminates it as a problem.

Final words
Your perception of reality creates the reality you live in and defines your happiness. This article explain the concept and offers an effective and simple technique which you can use to train your mind to eventually change your perception and upgrade the quality of your life to a new level of improved reality for your wonderful soul.

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Beautiful article! I’ll practice your technique.

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