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Author: Dan, posted on 7/23/2012 , in Category "General"
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Abstract: Why pray? Every one of us incorporates a wise mixture of spirit and matter. Just as we nourish our physical being, we can touch our wonderful soul with prayer. Introducing the power of prayer.

Every one of us believes in something. Some follow beliefs they are exposed to from childhood, such as through religion, and others acquire them on the journey of self awareness. Even those that don’t believe in the religious definition of god often do believe in the existence of some kind of higher form that unites us. Some call it a collective subconscious, some see it as a supreme being, and others see it as a spiritual connectedness among everyone and everything. So where is god? God is everywhere, connecting every one of us in a spiritual network. Whatever you believe in, your belief gives you power. You understand that though you are unique with your individuality, you are not alone in this world.

Why Pray?
Every one of us incorporates a wise composition of spirit and matter, and our world-view determines the level and balance of each in the complete constitution. In order to be happy, we must fulfill both parts of our entity: the matter is ruled by our consciousness and include our earthly needs and desires, our physical sensations. The spirit is our connectedness with a larger reality that goes beyond the basic five senses. There are three communication channels: with the environment, with the self, and with the ‘universe’. It is easy to grasp communication with the environment and even with our physical being, and good communication with our body will mean that we listen to our body, taking regular care of our health and physical needs. When we feel physical pain, the organ that hurts signals that something is wrong and needs care. The same pain, however, can also appear through the third communication channel, and may be manifested in different ways, such as the lack of fulfillment or unhappiness with no apparent reason. When this happens, it can mean that our spirit needs care. 
Just like the right nutrition supports our physical well being, we also need to nourish the soul. There are different ways to achieve spiritual well being, and one of the most important ones is prayer. It doesn’t matter which religion you belong to or what god you believe in, when you pray and you are completely focused with your heart, the prayer is very powerful. When you pray with your heart for good, and your mind is focused on the good, and your heart feels it during your prayer, you summon this good upon you. It is as if a cloud of positive energy comes and wraps you during the prayer and short after. Some see it as being on a communication channel with god. 
When the prayer is strong enough, it can mentally help and support us in difficult times. In the same manner, in these times many often feel the necessity for prayer. Some even believe that suffering strengthen the faith and encourages awakening, reminding us to connect with this greater power. 

How to pray
Everyone has their own way. Some use religious books or rituals. Choose the most convenient way for you, while maintaining one very important basic rule: it has to come from the heart. You have to believe in your prayer, and feel it inside. You can take the bible, religious chants, or even simply repeat one positive phrase or sentence, like “I love life” or “I love god” or “god loves me”. Repeat it while concentrating the meaning of your words, until you feel a spreading sensation of warmth and comfort that fills you up. 
Try praying on a regular basis and you will see, it may take some time but it can change your life.

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