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Relationship question: who’s better?

Querent wants to choose between two potential relationship partners, I’ll name them A and B.

Relevant background: Person A is a therapist, person B’s characteristics can be identified as a Sagittarius. A was supposed to move to a house next to the querent, becoming a neighbor.

Querent thought about A’s therapeutic abilities and asked: “is A better for me?”

 Horary astrology event chart

Quesited is represented by 7th house. Pisces is very suitable, representing the therapeutic elements on which the question is actually built.

Mercury Rx represents the querent, which will square Neptune- ruler of 7th (the use of the trans-saturnians planets is discussed at the event Looking at apartment for rent: Event chart)

This fits the chart “story”, since Mercury in the 3rd house of neighbors. Jupiter – ruler of the 7th house is in Rx and void of course.

Also interesting are the planets on the cusps of the houses, implying everything is in its beginning, nothing has advanced yet: Saturn- ruler of the 6th house of services and treatment on the cusp of the 3rd house of neighbors, and will sextile Pluto – ruler of 3rd house of neighbors on the cusp of 5, so if it would happen, it would probably be fun- even in terms of flirtation and romance (5th). But before the sextile Saturn will quincox Uranus- ruler of 6th, Rx and on the cusp of the 8th house – which is the 2nd house of money of A, implying that A may not have enough money for rent, so it may stop there.

So far, we see that A isn’t suitable and the answer of the question can already be determined as a ‘no’. Let’s see now if we can identify person B.

A multiple choice selection question is more complicated, however there are some techniques to handle it. They include the use the ruler of the next sign for a significator of the ‘other’ (e.g. Frawley), another option is to use house ruler for one option and natural rulers for the other options. There are some other techniques, but these fit this chart. Notice that the ruler of the next sign in the 7th house, Mars, is in Sagittarius.

B is described as the Sagittarius type, and the Moon in Libra (which matches relationships) will sextile Mars. The Moon is often seen as the querent's co-significator. This is because the Moon is accepted as the significator of the events involved in the matter, which we assume are influenced by the querent.

Therefore, in relation to the question, B is more suitable. However, it does not imply that there will be a relationship with B, this is a different question. 

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Re: Relationship question: who’s better?

Can you say something about the time units?


Re: Relationship question: who’s better?

Originally posted by Eyal

Can you say something about the time units?

 Well, the Moon trined Jupiter – ruler of 7th before 8 deg. i.e. 8 time units, which corresponds to about 8 hours after they have last met.

Re: Relationship question: who’s better?

Thanks! very interesting case.

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