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Looking at apartment for rent: Event chart

In this event, a young woman sees an apartment for rent. She works from home, and therefore looking for a place that will be big enough for her needs. She came to see the apartment with her father, and at first glance she is very enthusiastic. Will she take it?

This chart is also an excellent example for the discussion regarding the inclusion of the slow moving planets (also called generation planets) in the horary charts analysis. The traditional astrology don’t take them in consideration, however, remember that these planets were discovered in a much later stage, e.g.: Pluto was discovered only in 1930. Therefore many astrologers do take them in consideration, however with some caution. Often, they will imply an effect that is not up to us, such as environmental.

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She is represented first of all by Mercury – ruler of the 1’st house. Mercury is in Sagittarius – matching her first enthusiasm, and in the 6th house of work – matching her need for combining home and workplace. Mercury is in Rx,  which implies that after her enthusiasm she may change her mind. In its retrograde, before Mercury leaves Sagittarius and moves to Scorpio, it applies only to Neptune with a square. Neptune is the ruler of the 10th house, we’ll come back to that.

The 2nd sign in her first house and dominating most of it is Cancer. Its ruler – the Moon is in the 4th house of the apartment, demonstrating her interest in the apartment. Being her second ruler, we can see that the Moon is about to apply Uranus in less than 1 deg. Uranus is in her 10th house. Right after that, the Moon applies to Pluto in the 7th house with a square. Going along with this line, Mercury in Rx now takes the rulership hat of the 4’th house of the apartment.

As it was, she did want the apartment but her parents refused from different reasons. The 7th house of parents and 10th house (mother), vetoed. Ruler of the 7th house – Jupiter, is in Rx in her 12 house of secretive actions, which can imply in this case that her parents first discussed it among themselves and decided to put a veto on this apartment. Mars on the other hands has just entered the 7th house and is nicely aspected by the Moon, implying an active help from her parents, i.e.: “we don’t agree to this apartment, but we will help you with another”.

Also interesting to note that Uranus is ruler of the 9th house and Neptune – ruler of the 10th house is inside the 9th: the apartment is relatively far away from current home, where she lives with her parents, and thus not only the apartments is denied, but also the travel (9th house). Since she depends on some financial aid from her parents, the veto suffices. Accordingly – the Moon also rules the second house of money, so the parent’s veto – demonstrated with the Moon’s negative aspects, is simply shutting the door of financial aid.

Finally, there are some other small signs for a negative answer, such as the Sun (heart of the question) being void of course.


As mentioned above, this chart is an excellent example of the generation planets effect in horary astrology charts. They demonstrate in this case a clear influence on the result that is caused by factors that we can’t control. Although we could have achieved the answer without them, it would have been trickier and not complete. In spite of the Mercury being in Rx, without the generation planets, the Moon currently in the 4th house of the apartment will eventually apply with a trine to Jupiter- ruler of the 7’th house of parents and 10’th house, and being in Rx would not be enough to display the clear cut veto as it was.

Re: Looking at apartment for rent: Event chart

Thanks for this very interesting and clear analysis. It is a beautiful example for the involvement of trans-saturnian planets.

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