Fibromyalgia: Treatment & Care, Personal Notes
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Author: Tim, posted on 6/14/2012 , in Category "Health & Fitness"
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Abstract: How I cured fibromyalgia, control it, and the power I found as a result of this experience.

What is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is a severe chronic pain disorder characterized by widespread pain, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue and distress. It is the second most common disorder observed by rheumatologists, however it has no definite treatment protocol [1] [2] [3]. Fibromyalgia treatments include pharmacological and physical therapy [3], but also non-pharmacological and mind-body oriented therapies such as body therapies, acupuncture, meditation, and hypnosis. It is suggested that a mind-body treatment could generate stable and permanent changes that enable patients to recover from fibromyalgia [2].
I’d like to share with you my experience, how I managed to recover almost completely from this disorder, gaining back a complete control over this disease and on my life. I hope that with this article I’ll be able to help someone that is exactly in this position where I was, and revealing the new possibilities and power that this experience can bring you.

How it Began
How do you get fibromyalgia? Some say it results from a past trauma, but in any case I wasn’t born with it. A while ago, I began to feel pain in my chest. I went to a physician who saw no evidence of anything. This pain didn’t go away but I was sure it will pass. The “real deal” happened like lightning. One day the pain grew stronger, and then gradually it increased and spread through my body, concentrating each time in other organs. It was unbearable. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t do anything. I went to all types of physicians that found nothing. They all said it was stress. I did have a stressful period before, however I didn’t feel any stress at that time, on the contrary – I was successful in what I was doing and felt quite satisfied before it all began. A rheumatologist I went to determined I have fibromyalgia, noting that the symptoms I reported - mostly pain, fatigue, and sleeping disorders, are common symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia. I was helpless, terrified, and in pain. Like a vortex, the stress caused by these symptoms increased them. Physicians offered medicine, however this only helps with the symptoms but doesn’t cure the disease. Seeing that the doctors don’t have a definite cure, I understood this is something I have to take care on my own and find the best treatment myself.

Fibromyalgia: Taking Charge
In order to understand the problem and all its aspects I began to read tons of articles, forum messages, advice, and everything that could educate me on this horrible phenomenon. I found that stress was one of the most common factors that may not only increase the symptoms, but in some cases also be part of its cause. Stress is the outcome from our response to environmental and/or psychological triggers [4], which means that it is a condition that we put ourselves into. I figured out, that if this is something that my mind caused somehow, then my mind can also cure it. Since medicine didn’t provide a cure to fibromyalgia but only a temporary relief to its symptoms, I went to non-pharmacological solutions, as follows.

  1. Sports. Even before the burst of fibromyalgia I was exercising regularly. I saw that when I exercise I feel much better, so I gradually increased both the duration and frequency of exercises. Interestingly, many of the doctors I went to recommended sports. Note however, that this is something you should consult a doctor before you begin. 
  2. Meditation. One of the most effective stress treatments is meditation. When the fibromyalgia symptoms surfaced I was incapable of doing almost anything. For quite some time, many times a day and every time I woke up from sleep at night with pain, I practiced meditation. You can read Meditation: an Overview for some information.
  3. Sleep. I found high correlation between pain and tiredness. Therefore, it was important to have all the sleep hours I needed. Since my sleep was frequently disturbed, the sleep period was much longer than the average person, but it’s worth it. You can read the excellent article Curing Insomnia: Causes, Treatment, and Sleep Aids
These were only primary steps for healing. The two last ones were maybe the most critical and the hardest, and had to do with mental work.
  1. Belief. The power of belief is well known and has a significant impact on the success of any situation. I was completely sure that I’ll succeed in regaining control over my life and conquering this disease. Dedicated and focused towards this goal. 
  2. Positive thinking and happiness. Positive thinking can reduce psychological problems, stress, anxiety and depression [5]. I tried to surround myself with a more supportive environment, doing as much as possible stuff I enjoy, that makes me happy and make me smile. Moreover, I consciously tried to push away negative thought: every time I thought about something bad, I immediately forced myself to think about something nice. It’s extremely hard to control the mind, but it can work if you are dedicated.
It took some time of complete dedication and focus, but I can now safely say that I defeated this disease and regained control over my life. I cured 99% of fibromyalgia. The last percent is a kind of a reminder, in times I feel very tired or stressed and I don’t practice the above points. I now meditate and exercise regularly. Positive thinking changed me completely. I see things and behave completely different. It is not a temporary trial, but a new way of life that offers a new path for well being.

A New Power
The ability to train the mind in order to take control over fibromyalgia provided me a proof that everything is possible, if you set your mind to it. If you are focused, ready to work on it, and train your mind toward some kind of inner change – you will succeed. It is manifested even physically: in times when I feel I caught some kind of virus, I immediately turn to the steps mentioned above (except sports). For example, I prolong the time and frequency of meditations, focus more on positive thinking, etc’. The results are astonishing: in the past, it took me at least a week to heal from a simple flu, today it takes few days tops. My physical constitution isn’t stronger, but my self confidence is.
I believe that people that are more susceptible to developing fibromyalgia are actually experiencing the week part of a power they possess – the power of their mind. The yin-yang of the universe always works: every quality has its positive and negative characteristics. A person with a strong mind-power, if he misuses it – it can be manifested in a king of self destructive way, but if he takes advantage of it and gains control over this power – he can discover new hidden possibilities.
Have you ever seen a movie where people discovered they have new abilities, but before they manage to control them – these abilities were completely unrestrained, disturbing their life? after they gain control they were always much stronger. They understand that it is something they have to live with, but once they know how to use it – it is not a curse, but a blessing. It is exactly the same in this case, but there is no instant magic cure, you have to work for it, and after quite some time of dedication and devotion you will succeed. Fibromyalgia symptoms are usually internal; it isn’t something that is usually seen in a naked eye but a disturbing experience that you feel inside. Therefore, depending of the severity of the symptoms, after you have gained control over this phenomena, you will be the only one to know that you’ve been in hell and came back. You’ll know that you are special, having the ability to control a power you were born with. You’ve been given you’re life back, with the opportunity to make it much much better.

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