Why exchange links?
The benefits of an excellent quality link exchange are abundant. Apart from the direct traffic links can produce, they help you to rank higher in search engines such as Google. Search engines generate better search results to sites that have many links to them. The more links there are to your site, the higher it ranks.

Is your site compatible?
We will be happy to exchange links with sites that are compatible with our Wonderful Soul’s theme: spirituality, health or well being. The reason is that links are only effective if they share similar content to the site being linked to. 3 way links are not accepted. Your link or resource page must be accessible from your homepage.

Exchange your link (add URL)
Please follow these instructions to add your link to WonderfulSoul Link Exchange page.
  • Step 1 - Add OUR LINK to YOUR WEBSITE
    Use the following information to add OUR Wonderful Soul link to YOUR WEBSITE.

    Html code for text link (Copy and paste into your site):

    Title: Wonderful Soul
    URL: http://www.wonderfulsoul.com
    Description: Enjoy free reviews, games, articles and blogs on Astrology, Numerology, Magic, Witchcraft, Hypnosis, Psychics, Religion, Tarot, Health & Fitness, and more…

  • Step 2 - Add YOUR LINK to OUR WEBSITE
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  • Step 3 - Link Confirmation
    Please allow us few days to review your submission, and then a Wonderful Soul team member will contact you to inform your link acceptance.
Thank you very much for participating in our link exchange program.